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A quarter-century in the making, my buddy Kirk finally hits the bigtime with his new soundbanks. And this is definitely one of those times you can believe the hype! Check it out here!

Two brand new Kirk Slinkard articles join the Patch Bay section.

New Transoniq Hacker scans at Rainer Buchty's site.

More site upgrades coming this month!

Score for Sale helps you get the most from your classic ESQ-1, ESQ-m, SQ-80 synthesizer, or the SQ8L VST. We try to carry on the tradition of the famous Transoniq Hacker magazine, with a focus on Sound Design, Handy Tips and Hidden Features

Why not support [insert whichever synth name]? What's So Great about Ensoniq?

The sound! These synths are legendary for their fat feature set and killer voices.

The synth is famous for:

  • • FAT Analog Monosynth sounds (think 'Moog' or 'ARP')
  • • BIG Analog Polysynths like the Prophet and Oberheim
  • • Crystal Clear Digital synths like the DX7 or Casio CZ series
  • • ROMplers such as the Roland D50 or Korg M1
  • • Itself. Compare with the Poly Evolver as a unique analog/digital hybrid.

This synth can sound familiar, or like nothing you've heard before!

Even if you've never heard of the ESQ/SQ80, you've heard the ESQ/SQ80! From movie scores to number one hits. It's a producer's secret weapon.

The architecture is famous for balancing two different characteristics:

  1. • Ease of use. It's Easy to dial-in your exact sound
  2. • Deep Programming. Ultimate tweakability for gearheads (like you!)

If you want to get in on the action but you don't have a hardware synthesizer (and eBay is no help), then you're in luck! You can download and run the SQ8L software synthesizer on any PC. Its a VST instrument, and needs a "host", but they are plentiful (some are even free).