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Why did it have to be Envelopes?

Okay, so maybe ESQ/SQ80 envelopes are not as simple as they could be.  But these resources give you all you need to master the concept of envelope programming.


Select one of the resources below.

  • If you are new to envelope programming, you might try the article “A Better Envelope”, which walks you through the concept of the precision envelopes available on the ESQ/SQ80.



Quick Reference Guide

A handy Web Application that gives you real-time “hover help” for just about every Envelope Concept.

The page is about 1/2 meg, so dialup users may find initial download slow. The ap runs from the web.  nothing is installed to your computer.

A Better Envelope

A fast-paced article that introduces old-style envelope users to the T/L-Class envelopes used in the ESQ/SQ80 and other synths.

Envelope Timing Table

Quickly match exact times to every possible envelope parameter number. 

You can’t really have precision envelopes without it!