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If you’re like me, the Envelope Page is the toughest part of the ESQ/SQ80. We’ve created an Envelope Resource Center to demystify these powerful modules.

Drive! Overdrive to be specific! If you didn’t know about the onboard overdrive effect in the ESQ/SQ80 series, you’re not developing your sounds to the fullest. Jump over there and read all about the advantages (and limitations) of this cool capability.

In the “Retrosoniq” section of or Patch Bay, check out the tongue-in-cheek tribute to some famous ESQ sounds.  Even if you’re a preset-hater (you know who you are!), you’ll dig some of these patches.

And speaking of tong-in-cheek (yeah, I spelled that wrong), you’ll love William H’s faux-disdain for our poor, beleaguered ESQ in his terrific LFO apregiator and drum machine tutorial.  The videos are from Sonic State and Youtube, but we have made an easy access page that includes links to his demo patches that you can load up and play!  Watch the whole video and hear him heap high praise on the good old ESQ!

While we’re on the subject of famous patches, we’ve posted most of the performance notes to Mike Peake’s famous Technosis banks.  If you’ve got copies of the missing notes, write me and I’ll get them up here too!

Ensoniq SQ80 on Apex Stand
Just in time for the major new Star Trek motion picture, we revisit expert sound designer Kirk Slinkard’s famous Star Trek Sound Effects recreations from the original series.

Next, we take a feature look at the SQ9L VST instrument with a special focus on why this synth sounds better than most VST emulations.    It’s not just because the ESQ/SQ80 is a killer architecture.

And don’t miss the fun feature on recreating the Hohner Clavinet on the (E)SQ platform.  It was a voyage of discovery that netted us a free bank of highly rated sounds, including a few surprises. Go ahead an audition the patches, and vote and leave comments on your favorites. . .and especially on the ones you hate!