Pedal/CV Jack   A Better Clav

We are fortunate in the ESQ/SQ-80 community to have some of the best sound designers in the industry. 
For one reason or another, world-
class sound designers tend to
gravitate toward the versatility
and unique qualities of these
powerful, classic synth engines.

From time to time this humble website is
honored to be the recipient of some
extraordinary examples of custom

These pages represent
the skill and generosity
of a growing list of sound
design luminaries. Feel free to
use these sounds in you own

(and by the way, if you feel the
urge to share some of your
own sonic creations, by all means
contact the webmaster. Score
For Sale would be delighted to
provide a conduit for you to
share your brilliance with the universe!)


I’m proud to kick off the “Original Sounds” pages with a whole raft of new sounds in two brand new feature articles from “The Illustrious Kirk Slinkard”.

Both of these articles are notable, not only for the quality of the sounds, but especially because of the insight and expertise on display for your sound design edification.

Kirk writes in the spirit of the old Transoniq Hacker (for which he was an original contributor), after playing the sounds and trying out some of the cutting edge techniques, I’m sure you’ll agree that these articles are truly “Hacker worthy!”


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